Things to do in Morocco

Wanderlust is what describes me, and as a travel addict, all I want is a light backpack and the next thing I know is I’ll be boarding a plane to reach another part of the world. I find great peace in the beauty of places, in the calmness of nature, which is why my travel destinations are the ones where I can explore areas, relive the traditions and cultures and follow my heart. So if you’re an adventure person browsing through the internet to visit an excellent place, I’ll save you time by naming one country, Morocco.

Tourism in morocco is very well developed, not only it has been the most politically stable country in North Africa, but also has a strong tourist industry focused on its coast, culture and history. Why most tourists choose Morocco is not just its beauty but how relatively low priced the country is and low-cost airlines that offer cheap flights to the country.

Famous tourist attractions:

  • The Atlas Mountain
  • Sand dunes in Morocco
  • Malabata coast in Tangier
  • Bou Inania Madrasa in Fes
  • Old defense walls of Essaouira
  • Water reserve in Meknes
  • Ifrane
  • The beach at Agadir

Things to do in Morocco:

  1. Chefchaouen: If you want to see a new environment, there is nothing better than strolling through the blue streets of Chefchaouen. These streets are painted blue in the prettiest of shade, giving you a eel of calmness as you walk through, these streets have the best Moroccan food and good souvenirs to shop.
  2. Djemma el Fna: This is like a carnival, with snake charms, juggling, dancing etc. If you want an entertainment filled night, have dinner at Djemma el Fna and enjoy the lively surrounding.
  3. Sahara desert: The desert in Morocco is one of the things that tourist enjoy the most, with huge sand dunes under your feet and a bright smiling sun on top of your head, the Sahara desert can surely make your day memorable. You can also spend a few nights in the Sahara desert and enjoy the contrast between a day and night in this magical place.
  4. Taghazoute: This is the most popular surf town in Morocco, this surfing shore has attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world, with the heavy waves crashing through the shoreline and the blue sky giving you shelter from all your worries, surfing is an excellent thing to do while in the country.
  5. High Atlas: If you’re in Morocco and you haven’t trekked the Atlas Mountain, you haven’t actually lived. Try having a glimpse of sunset sitting on top of the mountain peak surrounded by birds and peace, this trekking surely gives your adventure self a kick!

All the places listed above are absolutely breathtaking with a hint of African nature that makes all these places even more beautiful, it is an absolute joy and pleasure to the soul to be part of such a lovely country in the world.

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